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About Author of Translation of the Eternal Gospel

Valeriy Gromov was born in 1952 to Ukrainian and Russian parents, in Kiev, Ukraine. After completing his secondary education in the Kiev Cadet College (1963-1970), he got certificate of the military interpreter and continue his knowledge of the foreign languages in the Military Academy of Foreign languages in Kiev. Later he entered on juridical faculty of the National University named T.G. Shevchenko in Kiev. After graduation he worked in a military public prosecutor's office 9399 as a senior helper of procurator.

After Chernobyl accident, in which he took part as one of the investigators, he got myocardial infarction (1987), and changed his work for the city bar attorney. In February of 1991 he made a public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ, received water baptism and was baptized in Holy Spirit. When he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, he continues his education and study at the Christ For the Nations Institute for three and a half years in Dallas Texas and later earned his Doctor of Theology degree from Christian Life School of Theology, which is the branch of the Beacon University.

After returning back home in June 1995 he began to devote all of his time to the ministry and worked as a Dean of Academy of Joshua Bible School and later as a Rector of the Bible Institute in Kiev. Since 2000 year he serves as a pastor of the Word of Truth local Christian Church in Kiev and from 2006 participated in a work of the Central governing board of the Ukrainian Bible Society. Now he has work as a head of Department of Bible study of the Creation Science Institute in Kiev, and deputy of the Chairman of the Board of OM Ukraine.

As a call of God on his life, Rev. Th.D. Valeriy A. Gromov has been working upon translation of the Holy Scripture since the 1-st of January 1993 and from 1996 till now as one team with scholars of the Ukrainian Linguistic-information Fund of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He understands that his God’s calling as a translator of the Holy Scripture and as an apostle of His Word – brought to all Slavic nations and to rest of the world where located Diaspora from Russian and Ukraine especially to aliyahs in Israel.

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver
tried in a furnace of earth,
seven times.

(Psalms 12:6)


Gift for warriors

Pocket edition of Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs ( Ukr.-Rus.) for free distribution for our warriors and chaplains is ready for printing Audio-version of Eternal Gospel (NT) with Psalms and Proverbs ( Ukrainian and Russian) will be ready soon.

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"Good news for all people"
Ukrainian and Russian - visual harmonization of Four.
The text of the Gospels are in the new translation VO Gromov "Eternal Gospel".

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New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the whole Bible is ready for printing. It is Jubilee edition,dedicated to 500-years of Reformation.
We are looking for Sponsors and Partners for this and other projects of the Eternal Gospel.
New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the NT- Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs – is ready for printing.
New parallel Ukrainian-English and Russian-English translations of the NT with Psalms and Proverbs are ready for printing (Ukrainian and Russian text - translation Gromov VO English - New King James (NKJV))