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"Eternal Gospel" - Bread for every family!
of the Presentation on February 22d, 2012
of the new translation of the New Testament - the "Eternal Gospel"
1. Consider a new parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation from Greek of the New Testament is the “Eternal Gospel" as:

– Inspired by God, i.e. the Scriptures (the sacred text), written under the inspiration of the divine grace of the Holy Spirit by the people, elected Him, which is The Word of God;

– Biblical-classical, i.e. recreates the Biblical Greek text is the Textus Receptus (text Stefansa 1551 year with additions Elzevìra 1624) in his classic the touch element: literal, theological, allegorical, moral, anagogic; and also satisfies the approved rules for the translation of the Holy Scriptures;

– Canonical: includes 27 been divinely inspired books of the New Testament;

– Authentic: it marshaled in equivalent according to the original Greek text, what is the Textus Receptus;

– Scientific and academic: verified on the authoritative lexicographic integrated systems and carrying out deep-conceptologìcal analysis;

– High literary style: it is the clarity, accuracy, high poetic style, matching the accepted standards of literary language and the current spelling;

– Non- confessionalian: belongs to the entire Body of Christ;

– Actual: corresponds to the most important spiritual and moral needs of today;

– Biblical-universal: suitable to use for many purposes; the translation, which can be recommended for all strata of the population in the system of secular, spiritual education and enlightenment.

2. Assume that the new translation of the new testament the “Eternal Gospel" can be accepted as scientific and theological tool when creating and writing your textbooks of Christian ethics, creationism, bìble study, scientific and theological works, etc.
3. Approve a plan of action:

- Unite around this translation effort to popularize, spread the new translation of the new testament the " Eternal Gospel" in Christian circles, in educational institutions, among all strata of the population, reaching every Ukrainian family , what is the foundation of a civil society;

- Apply to international organizations, Government and non-government institutions about the popularization and spread of this translation in education and culture;

- To continue the dissemination of the new translation of the New Testament - the"Eternal Gospel" with all available and not prohibited by the law of ways throughout Ukraine and abroad (printed, electronic, audio, video, tv, radio, Internet, etc);

- To conduct new presentations, measures for the dissemination of the new translation of the new testament the "Eternal Gospel", in particular, all the churches (conferences, round tables, lectures, sermons, seminars, television, radio, Internet);

- To conduct educational activities on the importance of the spiritual and scientific work in the field of spiritual and moral development of the human last time;

- Use all possible legal mechanisms for communicating information about this spiritual-scientific work and its importance in the areas of education and culture to the President of Ukraine, the Parliament of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine; The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine; The Public Board of cooperation with churches and religious organizations under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

We, the organizers and participants of this presentation, we stress once again at those key moments that have been voiced in the reports:

Refined, in-depth translation performed for 18 years, the author of the translation of Valery Gromov-translator, doctor of theology, a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Bible Society, head of the Bible Study department of the Institute of the Genesis and Life of the Universe, and its scientific and linguistic revision – Larissa Leonidovna Shevchenko – candidate of Philology, head of the Department of Linguistics of the Ukrainian language-information Fund, NAS of Ukraine, who collaborated with him from 1997 year.

The publication parallel the Ukrainian-Russian New Testament will contribute to the consolidation of the country, awakening of desires and needs of Ukrainians in their national spiritual revival, will have a significant impact on the establishment of common spiritual, moral and cultural values and, above all, including future generations.

The output of the new translation of the New Testament is the "Eternal Gospel" is relevant and meets the essential needs of every modern person and any society whatsoever. Nowadays voices are louder of the representatives of all Christian churches, academics, public figures about the crisis of faith, spiritual and moral vacuum society of post-atheistic -Communist Ukraine, which led to a "culture of spiritual and physical fatherless, the destruction of the foundations of the Institute of spiritual and physical family, God established the relationship between parents and children and between people as a whole on the basis of sacrificial love, understanding and responsibility to each other. The consequences of such a crisis in society are: is divorce, abandoned children, street children, orphans, drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual debauchery, hedonism, corruption, bribery; desolation of the higher spiritual values, and sometimes ordinary human relationships, when self-interest and insidiousness displace close and sincere relationship.

The consequences of such crises could be more intimidating for the socio-economic and environmental disaster of the young State, it's a disaster of global importance. So spiritual and moral rehabilitation of the individual and society as a whole is possible and should be based on the replacement of the materialist, consumer, orphan's mentality to the mature Christian worldview of the spiritual and the physical fatherhood and have, above all, through the knowledge of God and His heart as Father, which He opened to mankind as His children through His Word-the Bible.

The Bible, the Holy Gospel is inexhaustible, immortal source of divine wisdom, knowledge of which is the actual problem of society, are the foundations of the State and spiritual security of a democratic, polycultural, polyethnic and polyconfessional Ukraine.

We emphasize that the work of translation was carried out by the Mission of God with great respect and responsibility – before the Lord and His Word, the translation of compliance with all the norms of the modern spelling of Russian and Ukrainian the literary language of modern, comprehensive, and highly poetic. The name of this publication chosen by revelation, once again emphasizes not only the immutable values of the message of God to humanity, but, referring to the book of Revelation 14:6, recalls the most recent biblical times that we live.

We are confident that the system of education, science, culture, education and enriched by new fundamental theological work, which has to raise a mind, heart, spirit of all believers and unbelievers, because this is the newest scientific and theological work, which opens the sacred the depth of the Gospels and Epistles of the Apostles, secret meanings which strengthen the faith, hope, love all Christians and their confidence. This book expects the education system of Ukraine, which wanted the first President-Academician Mikhail Grushevskiy. Translation of "Eternal Gospel" has become a cornerstone of the scientific and theological quest for Truth and for creation of educational textbooks and spread the Christian worldview.

We are convinced that the "Eternal Gospel" has become a reference book for teachers on subjects of Christian ethics, creationism, theology, etc.; theologians, seminarians and academic people – who will know living power and grace of God's Word and passes it to others. With this purpose has unite the whole spiritual and intellectual potential of the science, education, enlightenment, culture and art in the synergetic, constructive interaction with authorities and relevant State institutions that this The Book of the past, present and future generations have the opportunity to read millions of our countrymen.

We encourage all those interested and people who take care, who can help with printing, distributing, promoting this new parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation from the Greek of the New Testament "Eternal Gospel", join and assist others who want to make contribution to the spiritually-educational work of the Ukrainian-and Russian-speaking peoples of the world.

We offer specific suggestions:

1. To hold a presentation of the "Eternal Gospel" in all regions of Ukraine as well as abroad, where the lives of Ukrainian-and Russian-speaking population.

2. Find sponsors to print at least 30,000 copies of the "Eternal Gospel".

3. Find sponsors for creating dramatized audio- and video versions.

4. Create an electronic version of the "Eternal Gospel".

5. Attract media to broad educational popularization of the "Eternal Gospel" on the territory of Ukraine.

6. Engage the Christian churches, Christian organizations to popularize the Word of God – the ”Eternal Gospel" in families, among all strata of the population.

The presentation took place in House of scientists of Ukraine on February 22, 2012 year in the presence of about 120 representatives of the academic and educational scientific community, Christian higher educational Institutions, the Ukrainian Bible Society, Christian and civic organizations, workers of culture and Arts, media, members of the Supreme Council (in particular, attended by Oksana Bilozir, Vladimir Marushchenko, Chairman of the Public Council for cooperation with the churches and religious organizations under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, it’s Deputy Yurii Reshetnikov), representatives of the churches of various Christian confessions and denominations in Ukraine.

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver
tried in a furnace of earth,
seven times.

(Psalms 12:6)


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