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"Eternal Gospel" - Bread for every family!
(for the Eternal Gospel)
  • This is the first parallel translation from Greek into Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  • This translation was made by people, who were called by the Lord to do this work. It was recommended for publishing by the Academic Council of the Ukrainian Linguistic-information Fund of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and approved by the Ukrainian Bible Society.
  • It is a literal translation and is equivalent the original Greek version.
  • It corresponds with norm of contemporary literal language and to orthography rules currently in force.
  • At the end there is a Biblical vocabulary covering 150 pages on Ukrainian and Russian languages with interpretation. The words which have interpretations in the vocabulary are marked with stars (*). The vocabulary contains extensive information about Evangelic personages (characters), cities, villages, events, concepts etc. There is also a short Greek vocabulary in two languages.
  • There are more than 1000 references for key Greek words with their synonyms.
  • There is a special index (R) of all 70 Greek words meaning rema in the text of the В«Eternal GospelВ».
  • There is a red edition of all words of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The pronunciation of the most difficult words are stressed.
  • Parallel places were revised and supplemented.
  • There are color geographical maps at the end of NT.
  • This edition of 3000 copies contains 858 pages (28 gram paper), format 9x6,5 inch (230x160 mm), black, brown and burgundy leather cover, two placemarkers (yellow and blue), with golden edge.
  • It was printed by В«EstherВ» Christian Publishing House in China.
  • For more information concerning this edition you can write:

    or call from US on tel. (011)-095-888-5622

    or our representative in USA-(214)-454-4407.

    e-mail: v_gromov@ukr.net


Author of translation, Th. Dr., Rev. Valeriy A. Gromov.

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver
tried in a furnace of earth,
seven times.

(Psalms 12:6)


Gift for warriors

Pocket edition of Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs ( Ukr.-Rus.) for free distribution for our warriors and chaplains is ready for printing Audio-version of Eternal Gospel (NT) with Psalms and Proverbs ( Ukrainian and Russian) will be ready soon.

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"Good news for all people"
Ukrainian and Russian - visual harmonization of Four.
The text of the Gospels are in the new translation VO Gromov "Eternal Gospel".

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New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the whole Bible is ready for printing. It is Jubilee edition,dedicated to 500-years of Reformation.
We are looking for Sponsors and Partners for this and other projects of the Eternal Gospel.
New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the NT- Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs – is ready for printing.
New parallel Ukrainian-English and Russian-English translations of the NT with Psalms and Proverbs are ready for printing (Ukrainian and Russian text - translation Gromov VO English - New King James (NKJV))