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Th.D. rev. Valeriy A. Gromov
Translator of the Scripture,

"A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven"
John 3:27
God's call for my life

I believe that God has called me from the womb of my mother to be a translator of His Word. That is why He prepared me from my childhood. He let me got proper education and skills as a professional translator at Military college and Academy, and later as lawyer in the Kiev State University to know a value of each word and comma in His Law.

I was saved in 1991 after I had a heart stroke in my 34 years of ages. God has healed me and called me to study at the Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, in 1992, where He clearly revealed to me His calling on my life.

The Lord has said: "How long My Word would be neglected by the great and glorious people. I have called My chosen vessel, and he will make that work, for what I have gave birth to him, for what I have entrusted him to do".

After my prayers God gave me two conВ­formations. The Lord said through one of His minister: "You would be guilty before Him if you will not do what He has called you to do". On January 1, 1993, at the age of 40, I started the work upon translation of the New Testament from Original Greek into Russian.

First fruits

In 1995 after my graduation from CFNI the first edition of the NT was printed in the United States. When I came back to Ukraine in June 1995, I left my lawyer practice and continue my work in perfection of translation of the NT in cooperation with scalars from the Ukrainian Linguistic-information Fund of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In 1998 were printed 5000 copies of the Bible with the new translation of the NT, and in year 2000 was printed 3000 copies of the New Testament titled "The Gospel of the Kingdom", which was recommended by the International Bible Society and by the Academic Council of Ukrainian Linguistic-information Fund of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 2000 year I started to work according to God's revelation upon Parallel translation of the NT on Ukrainian and Russian languages in cooperation with scalars of the Ukrainian Linguistic-information Fund of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, headed by Director Academic Shirokov V.A. and in 2009 were printed first presentational edition of 3000 copies of this translation, which is titled the "Eternal Gospel".

Why we need new translations?

his is a great necessity of an accurate translation in contemporary literal language. The existing widely used Russian Synodal translation of the NT, which was translated 187 years ago, contains many essential theological inaccuracies, many archaic words and expressions that became a hindrance to under­standing of His Scripture. During this time the orthography, norms of spelling, punctuation and semantic of words have changed. But the most important – the sense of some verses of Scripture were lost, became vague or not clear and sometimes twisted or perverted by fallacious translation, which begot some theological falls doctrines and leads away from the Lord's teaching.

Some examples

In book of Rom.11:17 in the original text and new translation is written: "And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert graffed in among them,...". But in Synodal Bible is written: "..wert grafted instead (on their place) of them...".

In 1Cor.15:8 in the original and new translation is written: "And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time". But in Russian Synodal translation is written an archaic word, which has another meaning: "...as one of monsters (cruel person or scum of the earth)".

In Luk.16:9 in the original and in the new translation is written: "And I say unto you, make to yourselves friends out of the mammon of unrighteousness...". But in Synodal translation is written: "... make to yourself friends by (or through, via) unjust wealth" (whereas the correct translation has Greek pretext "ek", which means: out of; outside, beyond, without, far from the mammon of unrighteousness). For a example, in the "Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible" is written: "...Make to yourselves friends out of the mammon of unrighteousness...". "

There are many of such examples of differences between old and new translation.

The other existing translations on Russian and Ukrainian languages does not answer the demands of these days also. They does not correspond demands of the contemporary literary language and still contains many theological mistakes.

New time – new goals

Recently in Ukraine at schools was implemented the new subject "Christian Ethic", and for this subject are needed new Text-books. For this goal we prepared Ukrainian and Russian Parallel translations of the New Testament, because Ukraine steel is a bilingual speaking country (both Ukrainian and Russian languages). The majority of Educational Institutions and official Establishments use the official Ukrainian language now, but at the same time approximately 50 percent of population still speaks on Russian.

In order to satisfy needs of all people, who live in Ukraine, it is necessary to have Parallel Ukrainian and Russian translations of the Scripture. Such kind of translation would be needed during this transition period when the people are returning to their native language.

Advantages of the new translation

This is accurate literal translation on literary Ukrainian and Russian languages, which is the most close to the Original Greek.

This translation of the NT is complemented by footnotes and references (more then 1000) for the key Greek words with Ukrainian synonyms of these words for complete understanding meaning of these original Greek words. It's promoting deep penetration into spiritual sense of them.

There is a Bible Vocabulary on 150 pages at the end of the Gospel on two languages (Ukrainian and Russian), which looks like mini encyclopedia. There is a special index (R) of all 70 Greek words meaning В«remaВ» in the text of the Gospel. For the first time in Ukraine the Gospel have red edition.

Sharpened double-edged sword is an
important part of missionary vision

Once Abraham Lincoln said: "If I would have one hour to cut down a big tree, the first half an hour I would use to sharpen my axe".

There are many programs in a Church setting on training missionaries and ministries by different ways. At the same time a Church does not pay enough attention for supplying them with a high quality of weapon: instead of "double-edged sharpened sword" they get a "blunt dagger".

It is important that missionaries from Ukraine and Russia will spread in other countries pure, undistorted Word of God, which would correspond to the Original.

As in the CIS countries the Synodal Russian translation is still widely used, it is very important that the Bible and NT particularly will have correct translation on their native languages what is more important for a new generation. It will be very important for Diaspora also, because there are more than 23 million of Ukrainians lives in other countries.

It will help to bring revival and salvation to these nations.

That is why it is necessary to equip God's Army with sharpened double-edged sword to conquer nations for the Lord.

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver
tried in a furnace of earth,
seven times.

(Psalms 12:6)


Gift for warriors

Pocket edition of Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs ( Ukr.-Rus.) for free distribution for our warriors and chaplains is ready for printing Audio-version of Eternal Gospel (NT) with Psalms and Proverbs ( Ukrainian and Russian) will be ready soon.

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Ukrainian and Russian - visual harmonization of Four.
The text of the Gospels are in the new translation VO Gromov "Eternal Gospel".

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New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the whole Bible is ready for printing. It is Jubilee edition,dedicated to 500-years of Reformation.
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New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the NT- Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs – is ready for printing.
New parallel Ukrainian-English and Russian-English translations of the NT with Psalms and Proverbs are ready for printing (Ukrainian and Russian text - translation Gromov VO English - New King James (NKJV))