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The Law of Life
(The article in the magazine "Christ For the Nations" April 2005)

When the Berlin Wall came down on November 9, 1989, Valeriy Gromov was a lawyer in the Ukraine. Soon, he began to hear something unusual in his formerly communist homeland – the Word of God openly preached. Souls by the thousands were being claimed for the Kingdom of God. Valeriy's heart was touched, both physically and spiritually. He suffered a heart attack, which threatened to take his life. "God touched my heart. He did not allow me to die from the heart attack, and I gave my life to the Lord," said Valeriy. Then a couple from Arizona, whom Valeriy had never met, sent him a Russian Bible. The first verses he read from his very first Bible would prove to be a glimpse into his destiny:

My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings.
Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart;
For they are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh.
Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it spring the issues of life
(Prov. 4:20-23).

In 1991, Valeriy brought a group of children that had suffered from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster to Portland, Oregon, for treatment. At that time, he received an offer to study at Christ For The Nations. Being a young believer, eager for a deeper knowledge of the Word and a closer relationship with God, he accepted and was enrolled in 1992. "The best years of my life were those spent learning at CFNI," said Valeriy. During his time at CFNI, Valeriy received a firm foundation in the Word, a revelation of God's unconditional love and knowledge of how to be led by the Holy Spirit. He is especially thankful for the two women who became his spiritual moms, Beatrice Harris, who taught him English, and Freda Lindsay.

It was in a meeting with CFNI's lawyer, Taylor Nichols, that Valeriy realized his calling.

At the end of WWII, Taylor had been among the American troops facing the enemy at the English Channel. He received a prophetic word that he would not die, but live to a full age. In his old age, he would meet a Russian lawyer, and that meeting would change the lawyer's destiny. So, when the two attorneys met at CFNI, Taylor said, "Though he is a lawyer, the Word of God is the law of his life." This statement was a revelation to Valeriy of the call on his life — the translation of the Gospel. The couple that sent him a Russian Bible also confirmed this. They had received a prophecy that their ministry would bless an attorney and that attorney would affect many lawyers, judges and rulers in his land.

On January 1, 1993, while attending classes at CFNI and working for Campus Security, Valeriy began translating the Gospel from Greek into Russian. He was miraculously provided all the necessary tools: Original Greek texts, vocabularies, concordances, reference books and a computer. On a CFNI student outreach to Coffield Prison in Tennessee Colony, Texas, Valeriy shared with the Chaplain his desire to translate the Gospel into Russian. The Chaplain strongly encouraged Valeriy by saying; "You would be guilty before God if you will not do what He called you to do."

Having worked as a professional translator and lawyer, Valeriy was meticulously accurate. "I knew the value of each word and comma in the Bible, because it is the most important document of God for all people. God showed me the necessity of an accurate translation in contemporary literal language. The existing, widely used Russian translation, published more than 180 years ago, contains archaic words and expressions that are a hindrance to understanding the Scriptures," said Valeriy.

After graduating from CFNI in 1995, Veleriy returned to the Ukraine and went into full-time ministry, serving as dean of a Bible school in Kiev, as well as continuing to perfect his translation of the New Testament. The second edition of the new translation of the New Testament into Russian was published in January of 1998; and the third edition was printed in 2000. Hundreds of letters came in response to its easy readability. The new translation titled Gospel of the Kingdom is written in modern language yet retains the character of high biblical style and the accuracy of the original Greek text. The International Bible Society and the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine recommended this translation for publication. It is being promoted across denominational lines as an example of theological and literary excellence to be used in churches, Bible schools, and educational institutions of all levels in the Ukraine. "Believers receive many revelations through this new translation that bring clarification to Scriptures they found difficult to understand in the old translation," said Valeriy.

The Ukraine, which was part of the former Soviet Union, has a population of about 48 million. Although the majority of educational institutions and official establishments now use the national Ukrainian language, approximately 60 percent of the population still speaks Russian. In 2000, Valeriy began work on a parallel translation in Ukrainian and Russian. "God revealed to me that a new Ukrainian translation of the Gospel would be needed during this transition period as the people returned to their native language," said Valeriy. (Making the official language Ukrainian-Russian was an issue in the 2004 presidential elections in the Ukraine, which confirms the necessity of a parallel Ukrainian-Russian New Testament.) Also in 2000, Valeriy resigned his position at the Bible school and started Word of Truth Church in Kiev. Part of his vision for the church is to impact the educational system of the Ukraine using the New Testament as a "textbook of life." This year he finished the translations in Ukrainian and the third edition in Russian. The parallel version will soon be available, which Valeriy believes will help bring revival to his nation.

Valeriy fell in love with the Word at CFNI. God used that passion, coupled with Valeriy's talents as an attorney and translator to make the Word accessible and understandable to those in his native country. Valeriy's wife, Galina, even gave up her medical practice to help him fulfill his vision. Son Alexander, the oldest of three children, is also a graduate of CFNI. Taylor Nichols' observation about Valeriy proved correct. The Word of God truly has been the "Law of his life."

Leslie Hedger

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver
tried in a furnace of earth,
seven times.

(Psalms 12:6)


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