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Before A.D. 1450 there was no printing in this part of the world, but there was an English Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate in 1382 by Wyclif and his associates

In 1453 Constantinople, the ancient capital of the eastern part of the Empire and the centre of the eastern Church, fell to the Moslem invaders. One far-reaching result of this calamity was that Christian scholars with a knowledge of Greek, and with Greek copies of the Holy Scriptures in their possession, fled to western Europe where their influence gave a new impetus to the study of the Greek language.

Erasmus of Rotterdam, who prepared an edition of the Greek N.T. from several manuscripts to which he had access. his edition was printed in 1516 and was followed by four later editions

Cardinal Ximenes gathered together manuscripts and Biblical scholars in 1502, whose work resulted in the publication of the "Complutensian Polyglot" in 1522

Robert Stephens (Estienne), relying largely upon Erasmus and the Polyglot, and with at least fifteen manuscripts at his disposal, produced editions of the Greek text in 1546, 1549, 1550 and 1551

Theodore Beza produced nine editions of the Greek between 1565 and 1604. These followed Stephens fairly closely, although Beza had some ancient manuscripts not available to Stephens.

Elzevir editions printed at Leiden had much in common with those of Stephens and Beza. The Elzevir edition announced itself as the "Textus Receptus" and since that time Stephens' 1550 edition has been known as the "Received Text" in England,

while the Elzevir edition of 1633 has had this title in other parts of Europe.

During the next three hundred years vast numbers of documents were brought to light and Biblical scholars made many attempts to reconstruct the Greek New Testament. There are now over 5,000 Greek manuscripts, including 90 papyrus fragments (2nd-8th century); 270 Uncial copies (3rd-l0th); 2,800 minuscules (9th-16th); and 2,000 Lectionary copies. The overwhelming majority of these manuscripts agree so closely that they may be said to present the same Greek text, called by some the "Byzantine Text" because it prevailed throughout the Church in the Byzantine period A.D. 312-1453 (and long after)

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver
tried in a furnace of earth,
seven times.

(Psalms 12:6)


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Pocket edition of Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs ( Ukr.-Rus.) for free distribution for our warriors and chaplains is ready for printing Audio-version of Eternal Gospel (NT) with Psalms and Proverbs ( Ukrainian and Russian) will be ready soon.

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Ukrainian and Russian - visual harmonization of Four.
The text of the Gospels are in the new translation VO Gromov "Eternal Gospel".

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New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the whole Bible is ready for printing. It is Jubilee edition,dedicated to 500-years of Reformation.
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New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the NT- Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs – is ready for printing.
New parallel Ukrainian-English and Russian-English translations of the NT with Psalms and Proverbs are ready for printing (Ukrainian and Russian text - translation Gromov VO English - New King James (NKJV))