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To the minister of God's Kingdom Mr. LaReau

This is a great necessity of an accurate translation of the Bible in contemporary literary language. The existing widely used Russian Synodal translation of the NT, which was translated 188 years ago; it is first of all an Orthodox translation with Orthodox religious anti-Semitic annoying and doctrines. It contains many essential theological mistakes, many archaic words and expressions that became a hindrance for understanding of His Scripture. During this time the orthography, norms of spelling, punctuation and semantic of words have changed. But the most important - the sense of many verses of Scripture were lost, became vague or not clear and sometimes twisted or perverted by fallacious translation, which begot many theological falls doctrines and leads away from the Lord's teaching.

In 1998 in Ukraine were printed first 5000 copies of the Bible with the new translation of the NT into Russian language made by Valeriy Gromov, and in year 2000 was printed 3000 copies of this translation as a Jubilee edition of the NT on Russian language titled "The Gospel of the Kingdom", which was recommended by the International Bible Society and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The other existing translations on Russian and Ukrainian languages in Ukraine does not answer the demands of these days. They does not correspond demands of the contemporary literary language and still contains many theological mistakes, some of them used for translation Diaspora's dialect, which does not accept and does not approve in Ukraine by the Minister of Education and Science, and cannot be used at Education Institutions of Ukraine.

Ukraine is a bilingual speaking country (both Ukrainian and Russian languages). The majority of Educational Institutions and official Establishments use the official Ukrainian language now, but at the same time approximately half of the population still speaks Russian.

In order to satisfy needs of all people, who live in Ukraine, it is necessary to have Parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the Scripture. God revealed this necessity for us that such kind of translation would be needed during this transition period when the people are returning to their native Ukrainian language.

In 2000 the author of the translation of the NT into Russian language Th. Dr. Valeriy Gromov, who is a member of the Ukrainian Bible Society, started the work upon Parallel translation of the NT on Ukrainian and Russian languages continue cooperation with scalars of Ukrainian Linguistic-Information Fund of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, headed by Director, Academic Shirokov V.A. In October 2009 this project of the Parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation, which is titled the "Eternal Gospel", was successfully finished by publishing first 3000 copies for presentation to the members of the Ukrainian Bible Society and in Churches of Ukraine and in Ukrainian's Diaspora in USA.

On March 10, 2010 year general editor and translator of the NT from original Greek language - Valeriy Gromov and science-editor Larisa Shevchenko made a report on the meeting of the Ukrainian Bible Society where it was approved without any single remark as a translation but with some propositions concerning Ukrainian and Russian Vocabularies as an edition at the end of the Gospel.

This is accurate literal translation on contemporary literary Ukrainian and Russian languages, which is the most close to the Original Greek. This translation of the NT is complemented by footnotes and references (more then 1000) for key Greek words, and Ukrainian and Russian synonyms of these words for complete understanding meaning of these words. It's promoting deep penetration into spiritual sense of them.

There is a brief Bible vocabulary on 150 pages at the end of the Gospel, which looks like mini encyclopedia. For the first time in Ukraine the Gospel will have red edition and special notations of all rema words.

It is important that readers will get pure, unperverted Word of God, which are correspond to the Original, and will have correct translation. It will help to bring spiritual revival not only to our and all Slavic nations, but also to Israel through Russian & Ukrainian aliyahs. Because right anointing translation of the Holy Scripture draw Jewish to their God. And it is God's time for this now!

We are preparing several projects for printing NT. Now is ready Parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation with Psalms & Proverbs (New King James Version) with new translations also. On July 2014 (when I will finished layout work) will be ready for printing Parallel Russian-English NT with Psalms & Proverbs (NKJV), on the base of official permission of the Tomas Nelson Publisher Company. And on August will be ready Parallel Ukrainian-English NT with Psalms & Proverbs (NKJV). We also are ready to make Parallel Russian-Hebrew NT with Psalms & Proverbs for the Russian people in Israel, but we are looking for help of a designer to make layout work of this (Russian-Hebrew) project.

Th.D. Gromov V.A. makes a feasible work in this field preparing new edition of the whole Parallel Ukrainian-Russian Bible and Parallel Russian-English Bible that it could be as a gift from the Lord for the people not only in Ukraine but all over the world and especially in USA and Israel. We pray that God will open the door to print such Bibles in South Korea and USA for all Russian and Ukrainian emigrants in America and Holy Land, according to Gods will in printing such NT and later the whole Parallel Bible.

With big respect,

The general editor and translator
of the "Eternal Gospel",
Head of a chair of the Biblical Theology
of Creation Science Institute,
Deputy of Chairman of the Board of OM Ukraine,

Th.Dr., Rev. Valeriy Gromov

June 19, 2014

Our e-mail: v_gromov@ukr.net or info@evangelie.kiev.ua
or www.Библия.укр

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The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver
tried in a furnace of earth,
seven times.

(Psalms 12:6)


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New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the whole Bible is ready for printing. It is Jubilee edition,dedicated to 500-years of Reformation.
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New parallel Ukrainian-Russian translation of the NT- Eternal Gospel with Psalms and Proverbs – is ready for printing.
New parallel Ukrainian-English and Russian-English translations of the NT with Psalms and Proverbs are ready for printing (Ukrainian and Russian text - translation Gromov VO English - New King James (NKJV))